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Short Biography

Robert Rice Brandt was born in the city of Recife, in the state of Pernambuco, in Brazil. Son of Americans (Texans), he speaks English and Portuguese fluently.

He studied up through the 10th grade in the city of Garanhuns, Pernambuco. After that he went to Texas where he finished 12th grade. Also in Texas he graduated from LeTourneau University, with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology, in April of 1978.

In August 1978, Robert (Bob, as he is better known) landed a job as professor of the Electrical Engineering Department (DEE) of the Paraiba State University (UFPB).

In December of 1979 he married Ms.Sayonara Barbosa de Lima. In 1983 his first son was born: Daniel Barbosa Brandt. In 1986, Felipe Barbosa Brandt was born.

In late 1985 he finished his master's degree, also at the UFPB.

Still in 1985 he was invited by Dr. Jose Dias V. Assis to work for Globo Computação Gráfica (a computer graphics firm located in Rio de Janeiro). In 1986 he moved to Rio with his family and lived there almost 2 years working as a programmer, creating programs to be used in computer graphics, in the creation of animations for Globo TV Network.

He returned to teaching at the UFPB in January of 1988. In January of 1989 he was elected elder of the Monte Santo Presbyterian Church. In March of 1994 he created the Borborema BBS which he ran up thru May of 1996.

In January 2002 he filed for a divorce from Ms. Sayonara Barbosa de Lima.

On April 10th, 2002 the UFPB was split into two universities, and he was transferred to the newly createdUFCG.

In April 2004 he married Ms. Rosilânia de Sá Moreira. In July of 2006 Sarah Moreira Brandt was born, and in January of 2009 Esther Moreira Brandt was born.

He was designated one of the network administrators for the DEE. He also taught theory and lab in Logical Circuits and was responsible for the LEIG Lab. until he took leave to work on his doctoral work (D.Sc.) in September of 2007.

In August of 2011 his leave ended and in 2012 he returned to teaching: Computer Networks, and Electronic Components Lab. He also restarted helping in the LEIG with network configuration. In December of 2012 he finished his D.Sc.