D.Sc. projects

My D.Sc. (Doctor of Science) work was in the large area of Digital Signal Processing. Part of my work involved classification of voice pathologies based on LPC and Cepstrum analysis. This part of my work used the NSP voice files from Kay Elemetrics. As such I developed a few routines to read the .NSP files (nsp file extension) and extract the voice samples.

I began my doctoral work in 2007 in microelectronics, but switched over to Digital Signal Processing in 2009. I finished my D.Sc. in 2012.

To help with my D.Sc. work I developed a library of common functions, in the C programming language, to read .NSP voice files and analyze them. To help in the development of the programs, I used my Debug macros.

The list of my routines for work with Digital Signal Processing of voice signals is here.

The list of main programs (C source code) is here. If you use any part of these routines or programs, PLEASE send me a note by clicking on the "User Comment" on the routine page, or by clicking here.

Some of the code and ideas for code were based on source code taken from here, thanks to Dr. Hans Werner Strube.

I also used the VoiceBox routines (for Matlab), and added a routine of my own for reading data from the files with .NSP file extension.

In my D.Sc. work I used the NSP voice files, and had to separate some of the voices according to a particular pathology. I developed a web page to help in the selection of the files. The voice files can be selected by the genre (masculine or feminine), smoking/non-smoking or by the type of pathology. This web page can be accessed here.

I also implemented several programs to assist in plotting ROC (Receiver Operating Characteristic) curves. Currently they can be found here. Programs to classify 3 and 5 characteristics using thresholds can be found here.

Another interesting thing that helped me during my D.Sc. work was sharing files with my tutor through DropBox. This website gives us 2GB (free) space to save files. These files will automatically be in sync with all your PC's where you install their program. You can share specific folders with specific people. I had a folder I shared with my tutor (and other people in our research group) and any file that got put in that folder, was sent to each person in the group. It helped me especially during the writing phase, because my tutor could send me corrections easily.